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This might be silly, especially as I've been a Linux user now for almost a decade. I'm an Illustrator artist. I tried Linux long ago and liked it. I started using in multi boot with Windows (which I have to use for best Adobe software usage). I use MyPaint, Krita, and Inkscape, and work in Linux whnenever I can.
Now the point: I've tried many distros and like a few - Zorin being an "A" lister for what I do. Rather than install the graphics packages, I use, from repositories - can I use a Ubuntu Studio iso DVD somehow and install packages from said iso DVD (as long as it is the same Ubuntu build - 18.04 for Zorin 15, 20.04 for Zorin 16)?

New to this forum as I've tested Zorin, but wasn't hooked until version 15. I really like v15! Fast, excellent simple styling. Thinking about jumping to 15.3, or 16. Kudos to the team!!!

Yes, you can, by adding the CDROM as a deb file in your sources list. For example:
deb file:/aptoncd-mountpoint


sudo mount /path/to/example.iso /media/apt

sudo apt-cdrom --no-mount -d=/media/apt add

If you prefer to not burn the .iso, you must create a mountpoint and point the iso, then add that mountpoint path as the deb file in your sources list.

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Awesome! Thanks much!!!

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