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I just started looking at Xfce again but ran across a few things I want to change .... I searched the web and this forum but found no real complete answers ....

Can Nemo be installed on Xfce ???? .... Thunar maybe nice but I like Nemo better ....

If no can do how do you expose the protected files in Thunar ..... like .icons & .themes

I have some of the icons and themes working along with my background but not all of the others are showing up especially the protected files ....

You can actually install Nemo in xfce!
Here's the guide

Hope it helps you :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Worked like a charm thanks so much I tried to install it from the terminal but it didn't work before ..... I'm sure I typed something wrong like maybe Nero instead of Nemo ... :nerd_face: :grinning:

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