Very buggy after login

Whenever I logout, restart or turn on my computer, zorin doesn't seem to remember my settings at all. Here is my average routine after turning on the computer

  1. Enter password to login
  2. Screen goes all black and automatically logs out again
  3. Enter password again
  4. Logs in with an Ubuntu-like layout even though I have selected a windows-like layout
  5. Open zorin appearance app to change it back
  6. Logs out after black screen again
  7. Open zorin appearance once more and select my preferred layout
  8. Enable taskbar hide which was already enabled but it messes up the settings everytime

I should also mention it only happens in wayland and not x11. I was using wayland for a couple weeks without any problems but one fine day I kept getting logged out. It doesn't happen when I put my computer to sleep either. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If this is a Wayland issue, we may not be much help.
Wayland is a work in Progress.Many of us feel it was released far too early, and it is not ready for mainstream use.

The idea behind Wayland is promising in description and in principle. In application, however, things get much harder. Wayland fails with many apps and with certain Graphics drivers.

But you can start with your graphics to see if there is something there - maybe an update did something with the drivers.
Are you using Intel? AMD? Nvidia?
Dedicated or Integrated Graphics?

sudo lshw -C video


As far as I have heard, gnome+wayland+intel graphics is supposed to be relatively smooth

Thanks a lot for taking your time for trying to help me. The problem seems to have magically solved itself just after I posted my issue on the forum (the glitch seems to be scared of the devs checking it out) and no amount of restarting brings it back.
I would be totally fine using x11 on a daily basis if I didn't have a dual monitor setup. The screen tearing is quite visible. I am just a casual user so I never noticed any problems with wayland and everything was quite smooth. Since the issue is gone for now, I hope it won't come back. I will post any future updates regarding this here.

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It started happening again. But after a bit of googling I seemed to have found the solution. Just changed

# Uncoment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg


# Uncoment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg


Basically keeping the login screen in x11 and turning to wayland after logging in. If anyone else runs into the same problem this might help

In newer version of Gnome and Wayland it is, but Zorin OS is from 2020 and 3 years has past and that is a lot of development time in Linux. You might concider using X11 until Zorin 17 is released later this year.

Then again I'm using also Fedora which have Wayland as default, but I have to switch to X11 as default to get all my stuff working even though there's such things as xwayland.

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I think the problems are Wayland side, not Gnome.

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Wayland propably working but with some things propably still something need to fixed to working properly. I don't know.

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