Very Happy with Zorin 16 Pro

Hey all, I've been using Zorin 16 Pro for many months on my laptop for general home use and I have to say it's the most well-rounded, stable linux OS I've tried (and I've tried so many).

I'm running it on a Dell Inspirion 5406 2n1.

Some quick GOOD feedback points:

  • My battery life has roughly tripled on Zorin compared to WIndows 11. I'm running auto-cpufreq from git source and I get about 5 hours of solid life.
  • The app store is stable and has a huge selection compared to other distros. Also, apps that don't run well or at all on other distros seem to run just fine in Zorin.
  • The theme is consistent and use-able. I can sit in front of it all day (working) and not feel like I'm either in WIndows 95 or a Fisher Price laptop or something so foreign (Gnome 42) that I'm forced to learn a whole new way to use my laptop.
  • Zorin 16 Pro is stable (with an exception - see below). I can't think of the last time an app or the OS crashed.
  • Everything works out of the box. OS/Gnome features that sometime work or don't work at all (eh hem...Manjaro) all seem to work as expected on Zorin.
  • My Dell Inspiron loves Zorin. I've had to do absolutely nothing to my laptop. All hardware functions work exceptionally well. My two printers and my art pen/tablet all work great. No issues.

Only one bad piece of feedback:

  • Please move Zorin to it's own repos. Using the Ubuntu repos and tacking on PPAs is not working well when I want to add another PPA. Example, I have a System76 Thelio desktop and really want to use Zorin 16 Pro on it, but the System76 driver PPA breaks Zorin's gdm. I'm not interested in tinkering anymore so I just use Pop_OS on my Thelio - reluctantly.

Thank you for an awesome product!