Very new and need help to learn about zorin

i first started becoming interested in linux around 2019 or 2020. at the time, i was still running w7 pro and loving it. however, with much persuasion and without any updates being available anymore, i've been left with w10 which i hate with a passion.
around 2015, someone suggested that i try linux and chose the zorin distrobution. i d/l'd it but quickly lost heart because of the dos coding which i knew (and still don't know) nothing about. i haven't touched it since then.

last night, i got my old ibm t42 laptop out and fired up zorin 9. i didn't know i'd entered my password when it installed 6+ years ago.
i have a couple of questions please.
how do i change it to my new password?
what book/user manual would you recommend that i can buy and understand?
i d/l'd Zorin OS 13.2 64bit iso (for the near future) last night but how do i t/f it to a dvd to be installed on a newer laptop (in the near future)? ... (never had the need to use iso files).

also in the near future, my plan is to run a dual system using zorin and w7.

i would be really grateful if anyone can help me please.


Swarfendors Unofficial Manual should come in handy- with no need to buy:

As well as having the forum in general to tackle issues one issue at a time with specific help.

I would suggest that Zorin OS 9 is too outdated by now to try salvaging.
Just about any DVD burner utility can be used to burn a bootable ISO to disk. You do not need to be an expert on ISO files:


From what I have just read T42 only supports up to 2GB RAM max. How much RAM does your T42 actually have installed?