Very slow boot, sometimes

I'm experiencing very slow boot, one time every 6 or 7 times I start the computer. Most of times it takes 20 seconds but one time (every 6 or 7) the boot time is about 2 minutes. I have a SSD. Is the system updating at the background? Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.

See if some of these help you out:

Why is it that non-native English speakers have impeccable English and then apologize for it? :wink:


Thank you. I have read a lot of posts before comenting here. But What I can't understand is why this happens so randomly.

I think that your suspicion is correct - something is either needing extra time to initialize or... there is an error. You can check your boot error logs in /var/log

You can run (in terminal)


and post the output here for examination.

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It would be nice if I could boot ZorinOS in 2mins, but don't really care considering the age of the laptop. I have done systemd-analyze-blame in the past and it does show up where the time is taken, so worth doing if every second counts :smiley:

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