Very usefull software for app

Here is usefull software for linux what helpfull using app like a whatsapp,telegram and etc.
Anyone tried that?

Well i tried it and this is bugged not helpfull. Maybe someone have a better experience.
I don't know why put something what is very unstable?


Just looked at that link and noticed the ubuntu logo used for GNU/Linux version is a community edition so perhaps that is why it does not work. I tend to stay away from such apps as Facebook, Messenger and whatsapp for security reasons. You could try Linphone or Ekiga or Jitsi.


I like the xmpp server based clients , e.g. Gajim, ect,

Another line of clients is the Matrix clients, e.g: Fluffy chat, element, Neochat ect,

For peer to peer , i like Jami.

some others to check out,

Like @swarfendor437 said, i also stay away from mainstream clients. Have used in the past apps like , yahoo, & several clients that used yahoo servers, paltalk ( bigtime AI controlled/info gathers Now-days) ect ect, over 20yr's in the chat seen, & tried quite a few :smile:


I have tried this

and it works pretty well
This is also good and its a fork of Rambox

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Vivaldi Browser which I've been using for years has developed it's own social media app ..... I don't use such beasts so I have no idea how it works or for that matter the name of it and haven't installed it .....

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