Viber doesn't install properly but it shows up in app list but doesn't launch

I tried to install viber with the .deb file their official site provided, which stops installing midway, it appears on the applist but then doesn't launch.

I tried installing it from the software manager provided by Zorin and the same issue persists.

I can use apt-get purge with viber which removes files and configurations installed by the viber.

Any clue on what could be causing this issue?
Screenshot from 2023-01-04 20-00-58

While writing this topic, Zorin forum suggested me this topic. When I followed the instruction from it's answers, it installed viber-mtd which surprisingly launched but I couldn't connect to my phone.
Screenshot from 2023-01-04 20-07-56

Please help in install viber and get it working again. I would like to mention that there could be something I don't understand/don't know things around installing packages in linux since I am new to Linux.

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Now, assuming that you could finally run Viber, try seeing if on Viber activation and registration help page there's a working method.

Hello there! I have the same problem. After contacting Viber support, Zorin OS (even though it's Ubuntu-based) is NOT supported.

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