Viber Group Messages Notification

Hi team,

Anyone else having issues with their Viber application?
I noticed that notifications and messages in group chats don't appear in our Viber application. I need to restart the application for it to reflect in the desktop application.

Thanks in advance!


How did you install it? Flatpak/snap from store or manually downloaded .deb file?

Installed it via Flatpak from the store.

Flatpaks and snaps can be problematic at times. Try download the .deb file for ubuntu from Viber homepage and see if it solves your problem.

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Will try this one out. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Already installed via the .deb file. Still encountering the issue. :frowning:

Did you remove the Flatpak version? (and reboot)

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I think I should've deleted the data after uninstalling the Flatpak version. Will retry doing a clean uninstall then reboot