Video driver issue on Dell XPS

Hello, I just installed Zorin 16 on a XPS 13 9305 and I think that the problem I have is due to the video driver, in media players, such as VLC, the colors are out of order, I attach a photo to illustrate the situation.

Have you installed the codecs included in the ubuntu-restricted-extras pacakge?

I just installed the package and it didn't fix the problem, do I need to configure something?

For some reason MPV plays my videos perfectly, VLC and the default player still have the problem, MPV will be my temporary solution then. Thanks @Aravisian for the help, I think I can continue with MPV.

On Windows, VLC was one of my Top Picks.
On Linux, however, I have seen others describe the problem you just described a couple of times... and there have been some security holes that were quite glaring, too.
I use MPV as well as another alternative (xplayer) on Zorin OS.

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