Video Editing

I am looking for the purchase of Zorin Ultimate. For testing this I installed Zorin Core. My core work is video editing. When I installed Davinci Resolved in Zorin Core then it will not working. So this is the linux limitation or how I can solve this. My system configuration is AMD Ryzen 5 4600h with 24 GB Ram. I have 4 GB Nvidia 4650 Graphic Card. I also installed the Zorin with Modern Nvidia Graphic from booting window.

Perhaps these help, if you haven't already read them:

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DaVinci Resolve may always have compatibility errors.
Video editing programs like Openshot, Shotcut, and Blender can be installed directly on Zorin.

Are you dead set on Davinci? I use Kdenlive and Shotcut myself - Kdenlive looks a lot like Adobe Premier to me. I haven't gotten at all into Shotcut that much, yet. Small-time RC YouTube videos for me; nothing movie quality haha

I haven't figured out with Kdenlive how to get HW rendering using my Nvidia chip - shows some options but, ultimately doesn't work. Shotcut seems to have something with HW rendering as well, just haven't tried..