Video editor

What is the best free video editing software for Zorin OS ??

That's depends what you really want for your editor.

I like Shotcut and uses it to edit my videoes.

But you could also try Olive and kdenlive.

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My suggestion would be OpenShot.


In terms of video editor, I've only used Shotcut, both in my Win10 and Zorin OS 16 Core. But I've heard so many times people mentioned that kdenlive is the best video editor for Linux and FOSS world

In early versions of Zorin, Open shot was great, but when it got to Zorin 11 I had some video footage became inverted. I only use KDEnlive now for editing and eventually uploading to my Vimeo account.

Openshot is good for simple editing and Kdenlive is good for professional editing try both and choose which is best for you

Thanks am using kdenlive . I think it feels good .

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