Video memory problems

I have already asked many help questions in the Forum with problems of Instability, Slowness, That the PC writes itself without having a keyboard connected and Boot Problems

I spent several months deleting Zorin and trying again and again about 27 times already on several hard drives, the result was the same

Today I discovered that all these errors could be related to the Video Memory, in my case I don't have a dedicated GPU, only an Intel HD 520

I installed Zorin a few days ago after updating the BIOS to the latest version, this time I reduced the video memory from 512 MB to 32 MB from the BIOS and added this parameter to the Grub file "i915.preliminary_hw_support" and all the problems were solved

but then thinking it's fixed I put back 512 MB of video memory and all the problems came back and when I put the memory back to 32 MB it doesn't fix it anymore unless I reinstall the system with 32 MB.

Does anyone know what my pc might have?

This is a strange issue indeed, and bares resemblance to ancient computers which utilized RAM in parity, back in the SIP & SIM RAM days, and if the chips were not properly installed in parity, the system would fail to boot.

My recommendation to you, is to boot up your computer and run memtest86 to test your RAM. On a system that doesn't have a dedicated GPU, the system uses shared RAM with the integrated Intel GPU. I've never heard of your issue happening on modern systems unless the RAM was faulty.

I truly hope that your RAM is not soldered to the motherboard. If it doesn't past a memtest86 test, then you can simply replace your RAM. If the RAM is soldered to the motherboard, you will need to buy a new computer.

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OK I'm going to do the Memtest, I have 12gb of RAM (One 8gb module and one 4gb module) from what I see it will take a long time :frowning_face:

Then I recommend a can of coffee and netflix while the memory test is running :wink:


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