Video not playing

I can not play .mp4 or avi videos. What am I missing. The codecs should be include in distro. Zorin Os 16 Pro. My favorite is vlc and installed

Did you try to install the ubuntu restricted extra's ? These have codec's that did not come with Zorin OS. This fixed issues for me with some formats that did not run when i used Zorin OS 16.

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras


Got it working. I use Synaptic to search for video codecs and installed few. Work fine now, but that should be included in distro when included video player

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They're not allowed to include them... Same reason you have to install MS Fonts separately and you don't even get them all. You have to still add in the ones that MS currently uses.

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I wonder if the Zorin Tour App should mention this...

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Mint have video codecs include. Videos play "out of box". Are they breaking a law.

Mint doesn't include all of them either by default, you have to still add some in. When installing Zorin it actually ask you if you wish to install some of the restricted codecs. Like prior, you still install the Ubuntu Restricted ones as it contains additional codecs. Always install the additional codecs and don't rely on thinking you have everything you need.

I've had to do this for years on various distros. It takes 15 seconds to do and isn't a problem. It's one of the first things I do on a fresh install right along with adding in all the fonts I use as well as the full font file from MS.

Some distros will add more than others or none at all, it depends on whether or not the dev's wish to engage with someone sending them a legal letter.

Thank you

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