Virtual keyboard

how to use virtual keybaord means on-screen keyboard in Zorin OS 16?

I believe in Gnome it is called onboard and can be launched from the Settings > accessibility screen. Of from alt+F2 keyboard shortcut and typing in onboard and hitting enter.
If this does not work, you may need to install it:

sudo apt install -y onboard

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thanks it work but i change the input to another language,,,still English keyboard layout appear. Do you know any solution or i need to bear this?

I am sorry that I do not use Gnome Desktop (Zorin Core) as I prefer Zorin Lite (XFCE). So I do not know all of the GNome Methods. Will this site help:

Unfortunately,I did nothing happen, by the way thank you for your help i think i need to bear this or i need to install third-party keyboard

From your screenshot, it looks like your Local Region and Language is set to English (US).
I believe that this is why it is defaulting to English.
I agree, though... If your local language was set to Urdu, would the keyboard not switch to English when you need it?

You may try Florence Keyboard.

Here is a Configuration Guide for keyboard (Ubuntu):

Here is a guide to replace OnBoard with Florence:

actually i want to set the layout of the on screen keyboard in to Urdu.When i select Urdu input the layout of the keyboard not change in to Urdu.

i follow your link you share with me ,I hope this problem will solve otherwise i need to install windows 10 with the help of VMware.

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