Virtual Machine software

What software for using virtual machines does the community recommend?

Boxes. (Gnome boxes). It's very easy to use.


VirtualBox is cross-platform so it's probably the best choice (that I know of) for ease of use and compatibility on different operating systems.

On Linux however, I prefer and recommend using KVM which is specific to the Linux kernel (Kernel-based Virtual Machines). The great thing about this technology is that is pretty efficient and quite powerful, but from the average user point of view it's a bit confusing at first because all the information you will find about it throws in terms like QEMU, libvirt, virsh, virtual machine manager...

I strongly recommend this video to get a basic understanding on how to install it and how to use it:

I've never used Gnome Boxes, I should give it a try.


Went with VirtualBox because I've used it a lot and still do on Windows. Didn't know it was an option, I guess I should have looked first.

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