Virtual Machine

Hello Everybody!

I hope this is the just right fourm topic for this kind of thing.

I've installed minimal installation; and I plan to install Virtual Machine -- the reason is: for many years I have Microsoft Word with few dictionary apps (mostly in my language) that are no longer available. Can somebody help me:

  • I have XP installation;
  • as well as setup virtual drive with guest additions an so on.

How do I import them -- as this will be the first time I am doing this -- in Virtual Machine?

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From memory you need to setup the share folder location in the VM settings & also enable networking in XP.
It may be easier to try following this link:

These might help you:

You will need to install XP as a .vhd (Virtual Hard Drive) and make it flexible - i.e., it can automatically increase in size if needs be - forgotten the term. I prefer Virt-Manager (Virtual Machine Manager) over Virtual Box. You will also need your original Office/MS Word disc to install to your VM of XP.

Thank you all.

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