I can't use the Extension_Pack even in version 6.1 and in the latest version 7.0 of VirtualBox.
Can anyone help with how to resolve this?
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You have to use the Toolbox in VirtualBox. Somewhere in there is a link to add extension packs. Click on the plus sign and it will ask you for the location where you downloaded it to. When you select the Extension pack a Licence agreement pops up that you have to scroll down to the end before the greyed out 'Accept' button is functional.

On a personal note virt-manager is far superior to Virtual Box.

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Had the same problem myself If you installed Virtualbox from the software store then you need to go to the Virtualbox site and select old builds and download extension pack 6.1.38 don't know why the software store don't include this.

Also when you install it you will be asked if you want to replace what you got with that version just say yes or click on it

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It's a shame the configuration is like this. I just tested Zorin Os 17 and VirtualBox is the same. :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

I personally prefer "Boxes". It's so easy to setup. :slight_smile:

But when it comes to security and privacy, VirtualBox is one of the best

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