Virus found me!

Hello all!
Last two weeks I am a battle with Covid 19
Yes. That virus is very diffrent from another types diseases.
Well. Now i am better but still feeling he is still backside my shoulders.
It's some kind of 3 different diseases in one, migraines, angina and botulism.


Wishing you a speedy recovery, I had it last year it's not a pleasant experience! :face_vomiting:


Weeeell - welcome the club! :joy: Had it last year myself.

Hope it's not bad for you; I only had a headache - that was about it for me. Other than the test being positive, I wouldn't have known :grimacing:

My friend he is over 70 years and must sayed for that age people it is very dangerous and very hard. I steel feeling like I am in some oven but temperature a body is a normal, loss of taste and smell. Well i don't know how long it is in my body. I hope soon my body will back to full health.


Very much agree; I think my grandparents had the hardest time out of everyone in the family.. Definitely said the same thing - like a few different ones, all rolled into one..

Hope you get better, soon!


I am feeling better but still in mouth don't get correct taste.
This is for me like some inteligence virus like he learning.
It not like usually you get antibiotic and back to life.


I've had it a couple of times now, again recently. Never pleasant. But interestingly, I never get that loss of taste that so many report.

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