Virus scan

so yesterday decided to install clamtk just for the hell of it and see if it'll find anything.
to my surprise it found 4 possible threats (PUA so it could be nothing)
3 in firefox which i hardy ever use and 1 in libreoffice which i also hardly ever use
deleted the files ...i'll now see how it goes , and do another scan soon
anything i should be worried about or do extra ?

Hi, sadly this is one area of clam-tk that has always been broken, on both GNU/Linux and Windows releases of the software. If you have the GUI installed you can uncheck the option to check for PUAs.

Where clamav comes into its own is to scan your mail folder as you would not want to send virus laden email that would not affect you but could cause havoc if you forwarded it to a friend running Windows.

thanks for clearing that up
was never bothered with an AV when on linux
think i'll just keep that mindset lol

You should however have anti-rootkits installed, chkrootkit and rkhunter. You may get some false positives with these but this is down to the fact that after install it scans your system as is so upgrades to the OS may throw up false warnings but overall they do their job well and should not be left out of your system.

If You want double-check, You could go to VirusTotal and upload there the Files and let them check.

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