Visual representation of package dependencies and reverse-dependencies

Here's a neat way to visualize the dependencies and reverse-dependencies for any given package.

First, you'll need to install apt-rdepends, a dependency and reverse-dependency parser:
sudo apt install apt-rdepends

And you'll need to install graphvis, a graph visualization package:
sudo apt install graphviz

Ok, so your packages are listed in /var/lib/dpkg/status. And you can get a list of your installed packages via sudo apt list --installed.

Let's take one of the packages at random... 'dash'.

We'd issue the following command to get the dependencies:
apt-rdepends --dotty dash | dot -Tpng > dependencies.png

And in your /home directory, you'll find the file dependencies.png:

If you want to know the reverse-dependencies:
apt-rdepends --dotty -r dash | dot -Tpng > dependencies.png

If you leave the image viewer open with that dependencies.png and type in a different package, the graphic will update.

@Mr_Magoo, Very nice, Thanks heaps :+1: