VLC in Zorin OS 16

Hi, I am trying to use VLC to play audio and video DVD's in Zorin OS16. I keep getting this error message: ' vlc is unable to open the mrl 'dvd ///dev/sr0'. check the log for details'.
Does anyone know a solution? I thought VLC worked on every operating system. Tried to install Libdvd but no joy.


Please install everything related to VLC in Synaptic Package Manager. If you don't have Synaptic installed, you will find it in the software store.

But run a search with just VLC in the search box. Right click on everything that is related to VLC and mark it for installation, and click the APPLY button. Hopefully this installs any missing libraries that VLC needs, or missing plugins.


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Brilliant. Thank you so much. Solved my problem.

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