VLC - 'Java Required' when playing Blu-ray ISO

I have Java 11 installed under Zorin OS Core 16.2 and the ISO will play but of course I can't see any menus.

The exact same ISO plays just fine and the menu is available using VLC under Windows. I've also tried other ISOs which work fine with menus under Windows but I get this Java error under Zorin OS.

What am I missing?

I've done a load of googling but none of the suggestions have helped so here I am.

VLC being used is 3.0.18

If you have already run:

sudo apt install libbluray-bdj libbluray-bin

If no luck, then the problem is most likely Java 11.
As I recall, VLC requires (inflexibly) Java 8.


Thanks for your suggestions, tried them all and also installed Java 8 and made sure it's selected as the default Java but sadly no luck.

Do you use flatpak ? if yes try to install the .deb package from the store.

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I understand that Flatpak is installed by default in Zorin OS ?

I can load up 'Software', is that the store?

Do you also mean a .deb package for Java or VLC? Because I installed VLC via 'Software'.

Searching 'Software' I can see that it lists OpenJDK Java 8 Policy Tool as being installed.

Not sure which .deb file I should be looking for, where and how.

As you can tell I'm not at all familiar with Linux.

Software is the Software Store, yes.

The ability to install and use Flatpak Packages is included by Default in Zorin OS. This includes the base Flatpak Management. It does not include a bunch of Flatpak Packages, however (Zorin Themes in Flatpak form are included though).

Software may install as a Snap - a Flatpak or a .deb (apt). Check the source for the package you installed to know which of the three it is.

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