VMware Tool uninstall itself

When I was booting up, the screen resolution didn’t adjust so I reinstall VMware Tools and rebooting. 3 hours later I booting up again and It uninstall it again. Anyone know why is keep happening?

It sounds like you are running Zorin OS in LIVE USB mode. With LIVE USB, the OS doesn’t use persistance, which means that everything you did, is reset upon boot. What you want to do, is you want to install Zorin OS instead.

No it’s not running in Live USB. It’s fully installed on Virtual Hard Drive

OK, I am not an expert on VMWARE or any virtual based software like it. But when you setup virtual hard drives in VMWARE, there are configuration settings for the virtual drives. Go into your virtual drive settings in VMWARE, look for the config settings. Make sure persistance is enabled.

Yes, VMWare and Virtualbox like to have labyrinthine settings. I usually leave troubleshooting it to the VMare forum or the Experts on Virtual Userspace
But… I did try a search anyway and found this thread where one user made this suggested solution…

I had a similar issue with Ubuntu 18.10 and VMware Fusion where resize wouldn't work despite having open-vm-tools and open-vm-tools-desktop installed. It appeard to be a race condition where the service open-vm-tools would start before the display manager. I delayed the service open-vm-tools to start after the display manager and it seems to work now.

sudo vi /lib/systemd/system/open-vm-tools.service

Add under [Unit] the following line:


Save the file and reboot. The screen should be able to fit as needed.

I’ve had Virtualbox in the past setup to discard changes on reboot of a VM. I cannot remember the setting where you specified what to do on shutdown/reboot.

Immutable disks comes to mind.