Vmware won't compile on zorin 16 pro

i was able to install vmware pro but when it tries to compile no go...|
Has anyone experience problem trying to run vmware pro on zorin pro?

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Which version of vmware are you trying to install and use?
How did you install it?
What error messages are you seeing? A screenshot would be useful.

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Walk us through the steps you did to the point where you got the error.
Websites you downloaded from or used as instructons, commands used, has this worked before with Z15 or other Linux distributions.

The more information you give us the more helpful we can be. We can even try and do it on our systems and see if we can give you better instructions to make it all work.


Hi, I just did a clean install of Zorin16 Pro and installed VMware Workstation Player without any issue.

I do not have a Workstation Pro but it should work almost the same way as a free version.

When you run the installation shell script, did you get any error message?

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VMware Workstation Pro 16.0 will install bu will not compile the kernel modules. VMware 16.2 will not install at all.

I am using free version
VMWare Workstation Player.

If you purchased Workstation Pro, I think you would have a better chance to find a help at VMWare support forum. I used to go there when I was using VMWare in OSX (which has paid version only).


I think majority of the Zorin forum members are using VirtualBox. I use VMWare since that is what I got used to in OSX and it runs Windows more smooth than VirtualBox.

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