VMWare Workstation 17 with a VM install of Zorin OS 17.1 no mouse

Installed Zorin OS pro 17.1 on VMWare Workstation 17 and I have no mouse. I just did a software update hoping that maybe that would solve the issue, but no luck. Not sure what to try. I also have a VM running Zorin OS pro 16.x with no issues, it does have a mouse and everything works just fine. Thank you in advance for the assistance.

An old thread about additional mouse buttons not working on early versions of both Ubuntu and Workstation but wonder if the script given in the top answer might help?

Also, check the hardware configuration in this article - this is similar to me running Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) where you can add hardware of the host machine to the VM:

Sorry for any confusion, I am running windows 10 on my laptop with vm workstation 17 running a vm with zorin os 17.1 that is having the mouse issue. Hopefully that clarify s a little more. Thank you for all the assistance.