VMware Workstation Pro installation error

I am trying to install VMware Workstation Pro but when I load it up I get the following. It wont install certain components. Worked fine on kernel 5.13 but now with 5.15 it's not working.

Any ideas?

Screenshot from 2022-07-26 16-48-55

Screenshot from 2022-07-26 16-49-58

The error log contained:

Too much text in it to post on here.

Again, after spending all weekend looking to fix this, I made this post them found the answer to it lol.

git clone GitHub - mkubecek/vmware-host-modules: Patches needed to build VMware (Player and Workstation) host modules against recent kernels
cd vmware-host-modules
git checkout workstation-16.2.3
sudo make ; sudo make install

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