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OK, back again... (this search was interrupted as I was waiting to install Zorin OS 17)... hope this doesn't qualify as "double-posting... but is an on-going saga search;
Looking for Zorin 17/Ubuntu 22.04 - based/compatible VOIP services (sans Microsoft/Wine), with the following caveats:
Currently, have subscription with Skype (and paid U.S. telephone number)
Desired is skype-like desktop functionality.
i.e. can receive U.S. calls, via aforementioned U.S. telephone number, to my PC (as long as I'm logged on... can be notified of "missed calls, when not logged on.)
Vaguely recall "softphone" ("virtual phone"?) is required...
U.S. telephone number functionality has something to do with "SIP"/"DID" (??)
Currently, Skype U.S. number subscription is roughly $65/ year (not unreasonable)
This is by no means intended for "group chats", nor for PBX business connections...
Strictly for one-on-one, personal, private calling.
VOIP + Video would be pretty spiffy too (where both users require same software/service are installed??)
Examples: Calling my U.S. - located bank via said service would show U.S. number in banks' Caller ID. (a crude, but primitive form of "authentication")
LIkewise, calling my brother's cell phone, the same
Conversely, Brother's cell phone could ring U.S. telephone number... and viola! rings at my desktop.
Tried "Zoom"... not appropriate (groups of over caffeinated smiley faces is not the goal... in fact, quite the antithesis)
Ideally, installation would be via "terminal" (i.e. "sudo apt"... etc.), vs, downloading zipped files, "expanded" with a pile of cryptic, mystical, unnecessary files in my downloads folder.
(fwiw, I currently live in Poland)
thanks for any useful info,
Footnote: It remains to be seen if my Logitech BRIO 501"HD" (Or, 920S) is fully functional; Under "Settings/Sound". BRIO 501 shows up as "headset microphone" input... surprised that no webcam option is included in "Settings"... 501 is currently conncted via PCIe > USB3.2/"C" expansion card... and temporarily lights up, at boot.

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