Volume buttons reset sound amplification

Hello I enable sound amplification to make my speakers louder. But whenever I use the volume buttons on the laptop sound amplification is gone. Whenever I press the volume buttons the volume slider stays blue and not red.

I can use the mouse and sound amplification works but as soon as I use volume buttons the volume goes back to blue.

How do you make volume keys work with sound amplification?

It might help people on this forum to help you, if you could give us more detail about your hardware, such as make and model number of your laptop.

Are you talking about physical multimedia keys on your laptop? For my old HP Elitebook, they are working without any issue.

The model number is 15-bs134wm. And yes when I touch the physical volume buttons on the keyboard sound amplification is lost.

I cannot increase it with the volume buttons and I manually have to go to sound settings to move the volume slider to the red zone.

So what I am saying is even with the sound being amplified in the sound settings and having the slider go to the red zone, as soon as I touch the volume buttons on the keyboard, the volume slider becomes blue and cannot go any further. To get volume over 100% I have to go to sound settings and move the slider with my cursor.

I checked it on HP Elitebook with Zorin 16 beta.
For me, keys are working as they should.

I do not understand what you mean by blue slider. Perhaps some screenshot might help.



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Ah, now I understand.
You have "over amplification" enabled.

Since I've never used this function before, I did not know there can be a red colour slider showing under speaker icon.

I tested again on my HP with this function enabled. It is working as it should with multimedia keys.

I did some digging and it seems it is a problem with Ubuntu 18.04 please see

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I should have ask you the version of Zorin first!
I am using Zorin 16 beta which is based on Ubuntu 20.04.
It does not have this bug like you have explained for Ubuntu 18.04.

I have been using Zorin 16 beta for production machines (laptop and desktop) without any major issue for over one week. You might want to give it a try?

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Yup over amplification works with the volume keys properly in Zorin 16.