Voov compatability with Zorin

When I tried to install Voov, they offered me MacOs, Windows, Android, and IOS versions. Not a word about Linux/Ubuntu/Zorin.
Should I download the Windows and trust thet some kind of Ubuntu/WINE magic will look after it? Are there steps I don't know about?
Ideas anyone?

The claim is that Tencent Voov-Meeting works well in WIne according to this page:

I'm not filled with confidence by just One WebPage making the claim, though.
Tencent Messenger has a silver rating though:

I'd suggest - Go for it. What have you got to lose? If Voov is Required... May need a Virtual run to get it going if Wine does not work out. If voov is not required, there is always Jitsi.

OK. I believe that this means that I should download the Windows version of Voov and just ask it to install itself. Will go down that path .

Zoom costs money. Voov was our first try with freebies. Jitsi followed for our 2nd series of classes.
I agree with you re Jitsi.
Getting the geriatric language-challenged Voov users to switch would be a one at a time nightmare.
Jitsi is magnifique! But I have promised Voov ... so away we go!

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In case you are interested in Zoom.

Thank you zabadabadoo.
As I mentioned, Zoom's problem is cost. Yes, they have a free version, but that logs you out after 40 minutes - meaning we have to restart classes 2 or 3 times.
Except for the aforementioned problem of re-educating students, I'd go with Jitsi.
The special genius in Jitsi's design is that you have zero software on the client - totally browser based - and almost zero on the server - which merely knows the names of the currently running sessions. It is utterly lightweight.
Zoom is the most capable of the three - but I'm a dedicated Jitsi user.

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I got this from my attempt to install Voov ...
zorin-windows-app-support: Depends: wine32 but it is a virtual package.

I think that means that WINE isn't running.
Puzzled by the "32" - thought "64" would be my go
I thought WINE was inbuilt with Zorin CORE 16?

Wine does not come preinstalled. Instead, Zorin OS contains an app that recognizes windows software and will install zorin-windows-app-support (Wine...) automatically if an .exe is clicked.
Can you please try entering the following into terminal:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

sudo apt update && sudo apt install wine32

Woo woo ... by any measure Wine32 is BIG.
I think it finished and finished OK. It didn't say. But it didn't grizzle either.
That's it?
Try installing Voov's client again?

Go for it. I have a fire extinguisher standing by.

That sort of brought joy to my aged heart ... Voov installed OK ...
... but it got all hissy about Firefox and demanded Chrome ... so now I have a new task

Yeah. That. THAT. I hate that.

See... that is where I would show an app like Voov that inner darkness that this forum has no idea festers within me. And many on here have seen me get plenty dark...

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I don't know where you are, but I enjoy your company and greatly appreciate your help. Cold and dark early morning ... seems like the right time to go about adding Chrome. And I'm with you ... Voov's insistence on Chrome is not technological - it is either political or just plain lazy

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I now have VooV installed via Chrome and upon WINE32 ... and still no joy. I might come back to this in a month or so, but for the time being, I'm treating it as a fail with the blame being shared equally by my neophyte lack of ability and Voov's lack of support.
For you lovely, patient Zorin people - nothing but praise and thanks.