vpn connexion automatic

First of all thank you for this distribution that I find very user friendly and pleasant to use.
I use the openvpn client of zorin os by default and I would like my vpn connection to connect automatically at startup.
So I typed the command : nm-connection-editor
and activated the vpn automatically on the wired connection.
But when I restart my computer, the wired connection is disconnected at startup, I had to activated it manually. Have you ever had this problem?

I tested that on 2 differents computers and i got the same problem

You might run

sudo service network-manager restart

Then disable and reenable your preferred network to ensure that your connections are properly saved.
Reboot and test...

Thanks for the answer, I ran the command, it reset the network settings but when I reboot I still have my wired network disconnected at startup, I have to activate it manually

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