VPN Unlimited doesn't work


Despite the latest update of Zorin OS where some notes regarding VPN Unlimited were mentioned, I can't connect to servers once installed.
I can't understand why, I followed the instructions given to me by VPN Unlimited technical support, but it didn't help me to install from the terminal.
The installation is given done ..., but nothing works with the VPN and I no longer have an internet connection.
Does anyone know how to give me some information about it or does he know the problem?

Thank you

I take it you're installing the app from VPN Unlimited? If so, it may be a VPN Unlimited problem as it is their app not Zorin's.

Why not just set it up through the Networking setting, so much less fuss and muss and you don't have to worry about software another company made working on your system

User @Frog ran into this same trouble and ended up having to reinstall due to the loss of network access after installing the VPN.

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But does anyone use the VPN with Zorin OS and which VPN do they use?
However, those of Keepsolid tell a lot of nonsense about installing the application. I tried to install it, following their instructions, because I noticed that in the last update of Zorin there was VPN Unlimited ... We should consult who of Zorin has decided to upgrade ... There must be a reason.

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Yes, I use PureVPN and I also have my own on my own server.

I do not use any of their apps on the system. I just enter the information through the network settings and set up the VPN just like I would on a router. Works every time no problems.

You need to contact VPN Unlimited, it's their software not Zorin's.

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I use NordVPN .... as I had 1 year left on my 3 year subscription that I had on Win 10 .... it takes a little to set it up on Linux and whenever you start or restart you OS you need to type you terminal command also any changes to the NordVPN settings must be done in the terminal .... but no big deal .... to start the app I just type ....

nordvpn connect (and then the country)

You can also type the city but I don't use that function .... and you also don't need to type the disconnect command when you shut down it will shut down automatically

NordVPN has an app for Linux on their website .... there are a lot of VPN's you can choose from on the web .... Proton VPN is another one I looked at .... some are free but the better ones charge .... you get what you pay for ....

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I use Mullvad and their app works fine.

What I don't understand was why you were using the terminal. VPN Unlimited has a deb file on their site. Did you try that first?

edit. Sorry DeanG I don't know why I ended up quoting you :slight_smile:

Not a problem.....

I don't understand why he's doing anything through a terminal either, it's unnecessary all around. Who knows what was typed in there at this point... :thinking:

I used vpn unlimited inseveral distros including zorin and never had any problems.
Just download .deb file , install it , login , change optimal protocl and server to something else and it works just fine .
Never use optimal , for me openvpn protocol works best

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