Vrm problems?

I today watching a movie on Zorin 16 PRO with vlc.
Then my graphic card get a black screen.
It is possible my external hard disk ssd warm and stopped working or my graphic card have some problems with temp?
Near a photo GPU-Z vrm check in green line.

70C does seem a bit hot for the VRM. Does the VRM on the motherboard of a good heatsink on it? Are the fins clear of dust? Sometimes VRM's heat up so bad, they come with fans on them to provide greater cooling.

This is GPU-Z Graphic card.
Here after start PC.

Is the GPU nice and clean looking, squeeky clean like the bottom of my bathtub.

You saw my photos how i cleaning my PC.

Yep, thats what I am talking about, clean as a whistle, and not a spec of dust. Shinny, and with new thermal compound applied I assume, nothing but the good stuff, am I right? Very nice looking card, I always get excited to look at PCB. Looks like a nice cooler too, should work out ok.

Yes I always trying pc long life but you saw this isolation laminat temperature is diffrent because high temperature.

Consider changing the thermal pads with higher quality ones. But before you don't that. Please check to insure the VRMs make contact with the heatsink. Some cards don't do that, and leads to unecessary high thermals.

Alright, I'm going to bed now. Goodnight :milky_way:

I will trying grizzly thermalpasta.

Steave Burke at Gamers Nexus swears by that stuff. But then again, they are also his sponsor, so take that with a grain of salt as they say.

Tom's hardware and have some ppl what working on service.
The thermalpads are very fresh when touch like a silicon with good glue.
I reading RTX 2060 will be production again with more RAM.
I will be waiting when the cards will go price little down. Production card from 2020 cannot be the same price in 2025.
Intel tried sayed everything good with him business because he have 80% market. If you choose processor then what it will be Intel ? Ryzen or Zen? I want go with intel and nvidia graphic cards. ram of course G.Skill, power supply corsair. Motherboard if someone have experience ? Now i have msi but wondering with asrock or gigabyte. About the another PC what was code 00 I order new motherboard asrock and new processor. Maybe if old processor will be ok then 200$ in my wallet.

Whatever you choose, STAY AWAY FROM GIGABYTE!

Everything Gigabyte makes dies in a short time, and their latest products have been catching on fire. I don't care how good a Gigabyte product looks, its not worth anything if it burns your house down.

MSI is awesome, and ASUS is awesome, thats all you need to know. lol

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Gigabyte Motherboards also struggle with Linux, in general.

Ok. The motherboard and processor died on another PC.
Put them ASROCK and intel i5 3.9GHz 10400F

Wait a minute, you have had two computers now die in the same year? OK, now that has got me thinking about your incoming power situation to your home. What kind of power do you get from the power company? Is it good clean power? Or are you always having issues with the power going out, brown outs, black outs, all kinds of annoying outs?

Because that just should not happen, 1 computer dieing, ok thats one thing, but 2, thats something else entirely, and I wanna know what is going on.

No it was the same before with code 00.
i have good news was in garage and found two laptops with windows millenium and vista. The one is very heavy with millenium and another not heavy. I put some photos later. Today many jobb with building and repair etc. a whole day.

With as much as you get around with computers, I would expect a full round of pictures on everything your doing. You can entertain us Bourne lol. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sherlock Holmes need a prove. :slight_smile:

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