Vulkan won't work on (Steam) after reinstall

I had to reinstall Zorin OS due to a wifi issue. Before I reinstalled, I played all my favourite games like and Minecraft. When I reinstalled, Minecraft would work just fine, but BeamNG would say "It is possible your hardware/OS is not supported" and bring me to a supported Windows versions page.
I use to run the game in Vulkan mode, and no matter what mode i use now, it wont start.

I really don't want to deal with anything related to drivers, so does anyone have a driver-free solution?

Is BeamNG installed via Steam?

Actually, Aravisian's question is valid. The title refers to the reinstallation of the os and steam is used, but not that beamNG is installed by steam. He mentions using steam to start it.

Since you are capable of running software not obtained by steam through steam, it may be a contributing factor to his issue.

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