Waipu TV Streaming lost

Hi :slight_smile:

I look sometimes TV via Webstream over Waipu TV.
But everytime the connection is lost after a few seconds.
System is: Zorin OS 17 Pro

Over Windows it works without problems.
Can anybody maybe help me please?

Perhaps you need to install Kodi first then follow the advice here:


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Be careful with ad blockers which are known now to cause problems on YouTube and there may be other services that are doing the same thing that Google is doing. I had to disable my ad blocker which really I don't need. Each person's situation is different. If you have one installed on your browser, try using the service by disabling any ad blockers installed.

I forgot to mention that I tried it with Google Chrome, with Firefox it seems to be working fine so far. I'll keep watching, but I think it was Google Chrome that blocked something.

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