Wallpaper with Zorin OS Pro

Hey there just made a desktop wallpaper for my Zorin System, it isnt anything extreme or well done. I admittedly did this in 5 minutes but thought I'd share. If you have an original wallpaper feel free to share I'd be delighted to see what other wallpapers you guys came up with.



Gday @TimoTee , Welcome to the community!

Yes Zorin Pro has some excellent graphic app's, among other great features.
Looks good :+1:


Thank you! I've been using Zorin OS for a month now, I made the switch from windows for the 4th time but now it's looking like I'm having a permanent stay after having my first modern laptop as well as the Zorin experience. I'm currently on Zorin Pro, but have Zorin Pro lite on my older laptop, I would say on a first setup, Zorin Pro lite offers you more options from the get go.