Want to install KDE Neon alongside Fedora 35

Here is my GParted result, please help me :slight_smile:



My suggestion:
If you want to use the kde plasma desktop environment then you don't need to install a new os for that you can just Install the kde plasma desktop environment in Fedora.
Don't worry you can switch between Gnome and kde plasma any time you want.

If you want to install the kde plasma desktop environment in fedora then I can guide you on that.

If you don't want then I can also help you to install kde neon.

What do you want?:blush:


What I learn. KDE Neon will run apps for KDE only. That kind of limit of use, but if you install kde desktop then you have tons of apps available.


Kde neon is based on ubuntu lts (long term support) release and if you are using fedora then it is based on a red hat so if you move to kde neon then there is a change that you may feel uncomfortable with ubuntu and if you try to install the application which is installed in fedora in kde neon then they will not work.

If you are familiar with ubuntu then you will not face any problem.

What do you want 100wcharge? :slightly_smiling_face:


sorry for the delay guys, i got an option to install alongside fedora. i done the process and now it works flawlessly. now i'm typing this from kde neon :wink:

thank you very much for helping me :relaxed:


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