Warning ⚠ Do Not Follow linuxstoney.com to upgrade Zorin 15 to 16

Hi guy's!

I see this article teaching when i googling how upgrade Zorin OS Lite 15.3 to 16. Is this a troll?


It is indeed a Troll.
I had commented on that article warning users (Politely) which... the article maintainer removed.

That link is now included in the Forum Wall Of Shame.

That Guide Will Break Zorin OS.


I edited the title to warn the forum members.
It is very nasty :skull:
They managed to get the 1st place in search result by Google though SEO.


Hi @Aravisian thanks for return!
It's a shame to see this type of article from malicious or unsuspecting people.
At least those who search here will not make the mistake.


Hi @FrenchPress thanks to editing the title! Really is a good idea!

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Now we got Zorin 16 Lite released, I pinned this thread globally to caution people for a while.

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