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Nordvpn required an update today so I followed the following procedure suggested by Nordvpn in the terminal ..... sudo apt-get upgrade ....... after restart my computer and signing into Nordvpn I get the following screen with the warning ...... this is not my IP address I just used this one for posting ......

Never saw this warning before ..... I tried to find a solution myself on the web and came up with this website but it is way above my pay-grade and I can't make heads nor tails about what they are saying .....

Anyone want to give it a shot ..... thanks

The GOCOVERDIR directory must be set. This is done by the app and app developer. It is not harmful to you so you can ignore that warning in terminal. The NordVPN devs need to update their product with a fix.

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Thank you kind sir ..... I tried to follow the info on the website but like I said I didn't understand a single thing ..... :sunglasses: ..... :smile:

Glad to know it isn't harmful ..... I'll ignore it and maybe in a few days I'll update it again if they haven't fixed it by then ..... :+1:

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In response to an independent report that

nordvpn status

gives the same warning - the same comment made above applies.

(And yes, I have a rather warped sense of humor. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: )


Sometimes, I must stop to remember that folks cannot read my mind.

But (and if you had your PM's enabled, this wouldn't be so public. To other readers, there are like three deleted posts above where a comment I made created confusion), you are one of the top posters and I personally think very highly of you.

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They just updated Nordvpn again today and that warning message is now gone ...... just a follow up ..... :+1:


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