Watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 for s! [Swapper /1:0]

I have these problems/errors when starting or restarting Zorin sometimes. This error will only be in my log file when the grub is stuck many times (stuck in the Acer loading screen or the Zorin starting screen). To the point that I will hit the power button and restart my laptop again, and after that, the CPU won't be stuck anymore or perhaps sometimes, but I keep doing the restarting method every time I've been stuck in the loading screen.

Below is my log file. I have some problems in other areas, but it's not as severe as what I've been searching on the internet, but I would be glad if anyone could give some solutions to some problems. And my focus right now is to solve the CPU stuck BUG on my system. Although I found the same problem on the internet, it doesn't give a suitable solution to this problem.

Many thanks.

You should use MemTest to test your memory / RAM.
You may need to reconfigure, remake or disable your Swap file.

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Okay, I will take some time searching into that kind of testing and reconfiguring. Although, I noticed the CPU was also stuck when I opened many programs, especially editing a document file where it's located or coming in a windows partition.

Also, I noticed I didn't disable the fast boot in my UEFI, but I disabled fast startup in windows. I thought they were somewhat the same, but the fast boot is in the UEFI, which I disabled lately, and the fast startup is in windows. Correct me if I'm wrong.

They are different... it is essential that the Fast Boot in Windows Control panel > Power settings be disabled as it Locks The Hard Drive.

Alright, I disable both of them. Also, I added or set this line of code in my grub file.


I noticed that it lessens to show the "Stuck CPU" problem, but the downside is that it shows me these grub messages every time I boot up. However, the boot time is now kind of fast.

You can try:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nouveau.modeset=0"

sudo update-grub

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