Weather App Bug

Noticed that if I click weather app from notifcation bar and search a custom location "without being there" , the location information stays on the notifcation bar "quick look/click" and doesnt update even I try to replicate using my real location or even with auto weather with location services on. Also its crashes after if i click "update" weather update.
Zorin Os 16.1(up to date all packages)
Razer Blade Stealth 13 i7 8550u.

Have you checked your region and locale settings? I did this in Zorin Education 16.1 in Live Mode as a VM in Virtual Machine Manager on Devuan 4.0. Once I changed my region settings and language, my location showed correctly in Weather.

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my region is correct. Removed weather app and tried latest gnome version, while it works and does work in gnome notification bar, it doesnt have zorin theming. Could be flatpack issue or that its gnome 42 version rather than 3.38. If I install older one again, it works little bit but its quite buggy.

I always felt that the weather app for Gnome to be too big - prefer the Plasma Weather applet any day!:

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