Weather in Taskbar (near Right hand widgets)

Hi everyone,

This is a first time Linux user coming straight from windows. I have been using windows all my life but I am leaning towards learning Linux as my secondary OS and would like to know how can I add weather displayed near within the taskbar. I tried searching this forum and also googling but didn't find any relevant information.

I would appreciate if someone can tell me how to achieve this.

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Shahzad S.

I believe you can find extensions for GNOME here regarding this.

Don't forget to run

sudo apt install -y gnome-tweaks
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sudo apt install gnome-weather

Hey there thanks for sharing the extension but since I am a windows user, I am used to of seeing the weather on the corner of the screen without clicking or hovering, for example this screenshot:

I came across an applet in Linux Mint which lets me achieve the same but can't make that happen in ZorinOS. Any help is appreciated


I assume you're talking about cinnamon-weather?

It should work on Zorin OS.

There's also an app that changes your background image to reflect the weather:
... and how to set it up:

Hey there,

I appreciate the help and resources that you provided but what I am trying to achieve is in the below screenshot:


and the method to install this is:

Right-click on the taskbar > Add Applets > Search "weather" > add the first template - Done!

but I can't find similar options when I right-click on my current Zorin taskbar, any ideas on how to achieve the same in Zorin OS?

That's literally the image for Cinnamon Weather.

Download it here.

Gday @ShahzadShahab ,
Download " Meteo " from 'software'.
In preferences, enable "Use system tray icon"
Hope this help's

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Since the weather forecasts have been unreliable lately, I've started opening a real window when I want to know weather.