Web browser opens without password

Hello there whenever I try to open brave browser it asks Authentication required -An application wants to acess to the keyring "default keyring" but it is locked-
Cancel & Unlock.

If i click on cancel three times without entering password the browser opens, as i am new to zorin is i want to know if it's a glitch or I have mistaken something here to open password protected app without password.

I've never heard of having to enter a password to open a browser....

Brave is not a password protected app, none of the apps are

Chromium-Based Browsers, of which Brave Browser is one, will need access to the keyring in case you Download any files that need Root Permissions.
For example, you download a .deb package. It lands in your ~/Downloads directory. From within your browser, you can select to open it from the Downloaded Notifier. Many .deb packages require root access to open and install.

If you bypass that, which you can do since Browser does not need Root Privileges to run, it only means that if you download a package, then launch it from within the Browser, it cannot launch. You have to switch to your file manager and launch it from there, instead.

You can not bypass it and adjust your keyring to match:
From app menu, launch Passwords and Keys (Seahorse application)
Right click keyring and select to change the password.
Follow the prompts to set it to match root pw.

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I'm pretty sure you can also just set it to no password, or is that insecure?

It is not insecure since the Browser does not need to access Root. It only means that you won't be able to access elevated files from within the browser.

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That's probably best in terms of user friendliness.

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Turn off auto login, which you should do anyway, and Chrome/Chromium/Etc won't ask you to login after a start/restart since you've already logged in. I set the power button to Suspend so I don't have to login in the morning. Turn off Lock Screen on Suspend in Privacy.

When you want your computer to be secure, just shut it down or log off.

Bonus tip: Get the Linux Scroll Speed Fix extension to fix the slow scrolling.

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