Web Browsers freezes up Zorin

When I load Firefox the whole system slows down like crazy. When I use Chrome sometimes it says “Waiting for Cache” and the whole computer will stop for 2-3 minutes at a time. Generally the computer runs fine but about 10% of the time this happens. I have an HP Spectre Laptop with SSD drive, 4GB Ram. Windows ran fine on this and never had any memory issues.

Welcome, ryancsmith. Browsers have become memory hogs. You can try a less demanding browser. Can you also look at your system resource monitor and see if any other process is high on the RAM consumption?

Well I was hoping since it worked on Windows with 30 tabs open and now I have 6 tabs, that Zorin would be better than Windows. I’ve ran Top and it’s always just the browsers

It’s the waiting for cache that needs to be fixed on Zorin. That just freezes the computer for 2-3 minutes.

This looks and sounds like a shell memory leak. Recommend monitoring gnome-shell for a while… Given that multiple browsers are all affected, it seems the likeliest culprit. A straightforward test of that would be to run Zorin Lite and see if the issue is present in the XFCE desktop environment.