Web Cam not working

After trying bunch other distro demos, I've my heart set on Zorin 16 beta. However, the lack web camera support is stopped me from going beyond demo version.

Please help.

Hello and Welcome to the Forum!!!

May I ask what application you are using to test your webcam? The live image doesn't support persistent storage yet, so any installations will not be available upon reboot. You can check if your webcam is visible by the system using the terminal:

 dmesg | grep -i "Camera"


ls -ltrh /dev/video*

Afterward, if you see that it is supported and visible, you can install Zorin and use:

sudo apt install cheese

to install a webcam app. This may meet your requirements, but it would be on you to decide which webcam app is best for you.

Forgive me, cheese is already installed under the sound and video category, zorin menu.