Web search from desktop or overview search field?

How are you guys getting a web search from the zorin start menu or the zorin overview screen? Are you just using Google Search Provider? It looks like it's busted?

p.s. - i ran this command, restart and than i was able to toggle enable and have it work Projects/GnomeShellIntegrationForChrome/Installation - GNOME Wiki!

I don't get the question. Are you trying to say that you can't the home page in firefox?

Hey @Jeslin - how do I perform a web search query from the Zorin Menu or the Zorin Overview ""type to search" box" Search Input field?

Ok I get you now. You want to use the search option in zorin as a web search tool right?

Similar to the 2015 Windows 10 release, web search capabilities in the Zorin Search input field... either from taskbar "left menu" (zorin logo) or the "Activities Overview" search input field.

I had to run a command to enable the Gnome Extensions and do a system restart. After I did that, I could install the gnome search and the search inside gnome shell works.


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