Webcam not working on Windows 10?

Hello everyone! I have been having a huge problem with my webcam, and I'd like some help. I'm not able to get it to work.

I have this laptop. It's only been about a month since I got it. I don't know when the camera stopped working, but it's fairly recent. I receive an error code of 0xa00f4244.

My device manager seems to be missing drivers every time I open it. "Imaging devices" is not listed under "sound, video, and game controllers."

When I went to show hidden devices, a section for cameras with "Web Camera" underneath it appeared, but the device wasn't connected. I tried finding the driver on the Samsung website without success.

How can this be fixed? I would appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank You. :slightly_smiling_face:

"Webcam not working on Windows 10"

I am afraid you are in the wrong place to ask this question.
This is a forum for Zorin OS which is Linux, not Windows.

I suggest you to visit Windows forum:


Thanks friends tell me this advice. :blush: :blush:

Thank you very much, you understood my problem and asked me about this, I am very happy to tell you that this problem related to my webcam will be solved now you must be wondering how it happened as you know what my problem was Even after searching here, I kept searching for the solution of this problem and my search ended in the webcam test.

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