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Hi Zorin,

I do not like how I can not find a help doc on Zorin Connect when searching

I do not like how I can find / access forums in the footer on website, and I have to dig around and explore 75% down the page on - I think this should be a dropdown in primary nav for Help.

I love everything about Zorin so far, the forums are fantastic, the website is beautiful (but still missing some stuff) and everything is very fast.

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To search better you would maybe prefer to enable some filters on Open advanced search, that one that I'm pointing on the screenshot :point_down:. As you need to search for help, click Open advanced search, then By categories and select General Help.

A way to access forum categories is adding the page containing them all in your browser, for example I access Zorin Forum simply clicking its bookmark on Firefox bookmarks bar, simple and fast. But you can even bookmark a specific category if you prefer.


@Luca_Pavan , that is a really good post.

@webmaster ,

I just looked and I found no articles on Zorin Connect in the Help Docs.
There are probably quite a few things, including many Gnome Shell Extensions, not yet included in the Help Documents. The amount of space as well as navigation and readability can limit the amount of material that can be included in Zorin Help.
Fortunately, that is what this forum is for: one on one assistance with a variety of issues that users may face.

I agree with you on this, actually. I prefer familiar menu navigation over the Android style or Activities Overview style display.
That type of display, where you have huge icons arranged in a grid was necessary for Android Phones due to their small size and Touch Screen Navigation.
That method was not "better", "an improvement" or "preferred" - it is that the limits of using a Cell Phone imposed severe limits on Screen Display and Navigation.
Using that same limited method on a not-so-limited desktop PC is not the method of the future or being modern - it is downgrading PC Navigation.

I think that that display style looks good on the screen. But using it is another matter, entirely.
This is why your feedback (In this case, "your" refers to all members) is crucial to helping developers.


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