Weird Home layout - Zorin 17 Core

Not sure what happened - was doing some cleanup with my Wine apps that didn't turn out too well.

Rebooted - all my /home contents were on my desktop :thinking: .. weird.

I did not edit /home/me/.config/user-dirs.dirs file, but it did something weird to the Desktop location - it was just /HOME and that was it :person_shrugging:

Not had that one before! :smile:

But - I did get it fixed, relatively easy:

Create a new directory in /home called 'Desktop' - edit user-dirs.dirs where it says XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME" to XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/Desktop" - Save that file, make sure it saves - then reboot..

All should be back to normal!

If not - check to make sure the file saved, and try once more :wink:

Just wanted to toss that one out there - have never experienced that one before. I can see through searching that it's happened before; just not too sure if I should call it a 'bug' or not..

From the Main Menu editor? :thinking:

No errors on install / uninstall either - that's what is kinda weird; that and using the Main Menu editor. And not just fiddling with Wine either, I've found this with Ubuntu and derivatives as well - not really pointing down what the issue would be. In some instances, no Wine use. And being in the .config of the users (me) /home; unless Wine has access to user-dirs.dirs? That seems more like a hiccup in sys / user config :person_shrugging:

This has the same issue, no Wine.

And, another kinda similar.

Both pretty old though..

If it were something I did, I don't remember what - definitely not editing the user-dirs config :smirk:

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