Weird keyboard configuration in Zorin 15.3 (32-Bit)

Dear community,

i'm trying to install Zorin 15.3 (32-Bit) on my old Asus 1005PX 2 GB RAM Netbook. Booting and testing from USB is working fine, but when i type characters in the Text Editor i noticed that most of the keys are completely weird.

When i type an "j" i get an "1", or for an "o" i get a "6" an so on. I can't write a single straight sentence...

This must be someting easy but i can't figure out what that may cause.

Keyboard settings are English with an 105 keys generic keyboard.

Is this a known error?

PS: with Zorin 16 (which is too "heavy" for my machine) this problem does not occur.

Any help would be great cause i really like to install Zorin OS on my machine.

Kind regards

Found the solution myself on stackoverflow.

i see there are many people having this trouble please note that many laptops not have num keys so the letter keys are worked for both alphabet as well as numeric key many people turn on these numeric keys without knowing. So you just need to turn off numlock in many laptops numlock key not work lonely it will work with combination like fn+numlock i will give most common below:

Fn + F11 (Acer, Toshiba, Samsung)  
Shift + Num Lock  
Fn + Num Lock (Sony, Gateway)  
Fn + F11 + Scroll lock  
Fn + F8 (HP)  
Ctrl + F11  
Fn + Shift + Num Lock  
Fn + F4 (Dell)  
Fn + Nmlk (Lenovo, ASUS)

Source: keyboard - when i type letter like m i get number like 0 value in laptop how to fix - Stack Overflow

If someone falls into this trap...

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